Best and cheapest apartments in Ražanj and Dalmatia

Best and cheapest apartments in Ražanj and Dalmatia

Razanj History


Rogoznica area is one of the most charismatic of the Adriatic area, with rich history, full of battles, tragedies and triumphs.

Since ancient times the importance of good hidden harbors and strategic location were exploited by various sailors and the military.

Ancient Venetian ships found here a peaceful bay in case of storms that are throwing them on sharp rocks  of the most prominent part of the Croatian Coast. 

Napoleon's army had built a fort MOVAR from where they can look all over from Kornati to island Sušac and monitor all the traffic of ships in the entire middle Mediterian.

Austro-Hungarian Empire has built 1873rd The lighthouse Mulo and used the port for the seaplane and submarine base during World War II.

On the tip of the plate known as Punta Planka submarine Archimede on 14.01 1917th The torped and sank the passenger-cargo ship Zagreb.

The largest area of ​​turbulence Rogoznica passed during World War II while in Rogoznica were Italian soldiers, and the sea was often patrolled by the English submarines.

After the war, the Yugoslav army was entrenched big cannon battery in islet Great figs and thus strategically control the entire Middle Adriatic, fortunately these guns are always remained silent.

During the last war for Croatian independence over that area two aircraft class Seagull were shot down and one is often visited by tourist divers.